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Our SEO Process

Long Island SEO

Comprehensive understanding of your business

First we need to know your business, who your customers are, what differentiates you from the competition, where your biggest opportunities are, and what your weaknesses are. Once we’ve completed our understanding of your business, we can get started on developing a strategic marketing plan for your business.

Long Island SEO

Developing strategic keywords

We then go through a strategic keyword research process to determine which keywords will provide the best opportunity for your business. We look at those keywords you think might be good for you, analyze what keywords your customers might be looking for, and we also explore variations of those phrases, as well as phrases you may not have thought about. When evaluating these keywords, we look at the relevance for your business, the number of search queries each month, the level of competitiveness out there already, and more. We then include years of expertise to provide specific recommendations based on all this data to help your business grow.

Long Island SEO

Content relevant web pages

So we’ve developed our strategic keyword opportunities based on your industry and understanding of your business. Now we need to put those opportunities to work. This is accomplished by creating a properly themed website and keyword relevant web pages. For example, you don’t build a webpage talking about oranges if you are looking to sell apples. Our professional team of internet marketers will build pages that are relevant to your business needs.

Long Island SEO

Content and code optimization

Now we’ve developed all the appropriate content for your web pages. The next step is optimizing the coding behind the scenes. Alot of these website you see look nice, they might even perform well, but the coding is bloated. This happens when someone builds a website using all kinds of plugins to achieve the look they want without checking to see what code is being outputted.

Long Island SEO

Proper link building

A website is exactly what the name implies, a web. Imagine a spider web for a minute, the more threads the spider has connecting to each other, the more likely the spider will catch its next meal. A website is no different. The more relevant links your website has, the more “feelers” are out there to catch more clientele. Proper link building is important to the success of any website. If you have poor quality links on your website, not only will you loose customers, you might attract unwanted attention from some unfriendly visitors.

Long Island SEO

Maintenance and competition

Maintenance is key to any successful online business. After we’ve completed all the necessary steps to make your website more visible on the internet, we must maintain those listings on the major search engines. Like in every industry, there is competition. Only one company can be #1 on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We have to stay up to date with the the rules and guidelines to ensure we stay ahead of your competition.





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