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Our Bronx mobile app development team can develop web apps, native apps, and hybrid apps for of your small businesses needs. Over 60% of people use their mobile device to shop or surf the web. This includes both tablets and mobile phones. Don't get left behind on business technologies! Speak with a company representative to determine if your industry if being effected by mobile apps and if a mobile app can help you! Check out the different types of apps we can develop and discover the difference:



What's The Difference?

Native Apps are available on Apple iTunes or Google Play, native apps are installed directly onto your smartphone. These apps are developed for a single platform device and in the specific language native to the device.

Web Apps are not directly installed onto mobile devices and require an internet connection to run them. Web apps are not platform specific so you can create a single version to run on all devices.

Hybrid Apps combine the best features from native apps and web apps using the best of both worlds. You can still download the app from the app store, send push notifications, and retrieve updates via the internet without having to update the app itself.

Let's take a closer look at the differences between native and web apps to determine the best solution for your business through mobile technology.





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Native Apps


  • Does not require an internet connection to run the app
  • Access to device specific features for additional functionality like push notifications, camera, etc.
  • Downloaded from Apple iTunes, Google Play or Windows Store


  • Must develop for each platform separately (Apple, Android, Windows Phone)
  • Requires considerably more time and money to developed for multiple platforms
  • Users must download and install updates




Web Apps


  • Develop a single version that can run on multiple platforms (Apple, Android Windows Phone)
  • Instantly update content from a web server for rapid deployment
  • Lower development cost when running on multiple platforms


  • Requires an internet connection to function and may perform erratic on poor data connection speeds
  • Web Apps may not render consistently across platforms and screen sizes
  • Does not support background processing, storage, push notifications, or Digital Rights Management.

Hybrid Apps

Top reasons why your business should consider a hybrid app over native and web apps:

  • Accessibility across platforms: Certainly, Hybrid apps have an edge over Native apps as far as accessibility is concerned. Hybrid apps can be accessed from smartphones as well as the web. This gives organizations like a tech company a greater reach towards customers and critics alike. It sure is a good idea to reach out to more people in one go and across platforms!
  • Development speed is quick: Hybrid apps are indeed web applications in the Native browser. Some examples include WebView in Android (not Chrome or Safari) and UIWebView in Apple’s iOS. These apps are created with the help of Javascript, CSS, and HTML and then are cloaked in Native apps through various platforms like Cordova. This gives one an edge to use one of the many web-native structures available. Hence, the speed at which Hybrid apps are developed or created is fast and more so easy. These app are also maintenance friendly.
  • Supports cross-platform development: Hybrid apps support the development across different platforms. All that a developer needs to do is add a few lines! While cross-platform support is made available by Hybrid apps, this feature is missing in Native apps and these apps are not web-friendly.



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