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Video Production Services

Apple Orange has a team of highly experienced video producers who can create explainer videos for your business in various styles and at an affordable price. Video production has become more important and is no longer just for YouTube.

Our Video Production Services

Explainer videos are becoming increasingly popular for businesses, as they offer a great way to sell your products or services without being too pushy. Videos can capture audiences who don’t want to read a long-form sales page and can be easily shared or embedded across social media platforms. A recent study published by Forbes found that marketers using explainer videos for their products and services can increase their conversion rates by up to 80%.

That is because videos can capture viewers’ attention in a way that text or images cannot. Videos are also far more engaging and can be used across different platforms with ease- meaning you can reach your audience wherever they may be.

30 Second & 1 Minute Videos

Explainer Videos: these are short, engaging videos that explain what a product or service does and why it is the best choice for you. These can be used across platforms to appeal to any audience.

Animated Whiteboard: these are often narrated animations that use hand-drawn pictures as part of the storytelling process. They can include some live-action footage where possible but primarily focus on the whiteboard animation. They’re ideal for communicating a process or workflow, as well as providing critical information.

Live Video Streaming Services

Video Production iconIn May of 2020, Apple Orange proudly sponsored a live streaming event for Shining Studios. The Home Town Heroe’s online event was a tribute to the Northwell front-line healthcare workers that put their safety on the line during the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Green Screen Production

Green Screen: these videos use the green screen technique to film actors against a green screen instead of filming on location. A green screen allows us to integrate your products or services into any place you desire, creating a list of endless possibilities. They are perfect for businesses that don’t have the budget to film on site.

Video Marketing: these are short videos that aim at promoting your business and why you should choose them. We can either create all the content or work with you to produce a personalized video that appeals to your target audience.

Tutorial Videos: these explain how to carry out specific tasks, such as DIY projects or troubleshooting issues with technology. These are great for businesses wanting their customers to use their products without assistance but still offer value and reassurance that they can get support should they need it.

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