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  • Long Island SEO
    Long Island Marketing
    Long Island SEO Company
    Long Island Internet SEO Marketing
    Long Island Marketing Company
    Long Island Internet Marketing
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    Long Island SEO
    Long Island SEO Marketing
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Join us in making your online business successful. We provide full Internet Marketing services including: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), custom programming, website design services and more. Our internet marketing packages are designed to bring in the online business, of course results vary based on your target audience and whether your selling products online or providing information about your services like car tuning, auto repair, your local bar or restaurants. Let us provide you with a free analysis of your website or business concept so we can determine the best way to get the business to you!

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"...turned on the site and, overnight, the prospects started coming in. It hasn't stopped since!...Since they started managing my web site, I found a wonderful thing happening, my concern about what's going to bring in new business has disappeared!..."

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Web Design

 Web Design

Cross Platform Web Design

With professional website services utilizing the latest responsive HTML5 and CSS3 techniques, Burke Systems specializes in custom website design and marketing for all businesses large or small. We support all platforms from simple wordpress websites, ecommerce online stores, to custom and unique website platforms with limitless possibilities. Our design and development process creates a better user interface so the users experience increases and captures their attention, therefore increasing the  chances of getting that reservation or job request. Check out some of our designs!

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Why make a website that only works with one or two devices when you should get one that keeps up with the latest technologies with mobile and tablet devices. Our responsive web sites work on most devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Results vary from device to device base on the systems resolution. Don't get fooled by some website developers that will charge you top dollar for a template and framework they picked out, customized and gave you with no real programming knowledge or experience. If your going to pay top dollar for your website, make sure your getting something unique and the developer can fix any problem that may happen. Make sure your website makes sense for you and that it has the proper user interface that directs your visitors to where you want them. A professional responsive website design should keep your visitors on your website longer and get them to engage your online business. Your website should be a 24/7 sales force for you by informing visitors of your business services and getting them to contact you. If you have an e-commerce platform, then your online store should be selling for you. If your not getting traffic to your website, it's not working for you.




Mobile Apps

Long Island App Developer

Cross Device Web & Native Apps

We create both Web Apps and Native Apps. What's the difference? Web apps are websites that usually are fully responsive and work for all devices from iPhones and Android Mobile Phones, most tablet devices to full size websites. Usually when you visit a website and it askes you to "save to home screen" usually indicates that the website is web app friendly and may offer additional feature above and beyond the standard website. Native apps are different, they are available on Apple iTunes or Google Play for download and may require a fee to download them. Native apps have a lot more features than a standard web app. Features can include access to features like the camera, pictures or videos on the phone and more. Find out more about the mobile app services we provide.

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Long Island App Developer

Apple & Android


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